These projects here are related to my current work… Just in case you want to join.

WLAN 802.11ax (Credits to the authors):
IEEE 802.11ax High-Efficiency WLANs
[2] 11-14-0165-01-0hew-802-11-hew-sg-proposed-par
[3] Channel Bonding in Short-Range WLANs
[4] Enabling the Coexistence of LTE and Wi-Fi in Unlicensed Bands
[5] Power Efficiency The Next Challenge for Multi-Gigabit-per-Second Wi-Fi
[6] On the Interactions between Multiple Overlapping WLANs using Channel Bonding
[7] Improving the Capacity of Future IEEE 802.11 High Efficiency WLANs
[8] Achieving Single Channel, Full Duplex Wireless Communication
[9] Future Evolution of CSMA Protocols for the IEEE 802.11 Standard
[10] IEEE 802.11ac Dynamic Bandwidth Channel Access
[11] Integrating multiuser dynamic OFDMA into IEEE 802.11 WLANs – LLCMAC extensions and system performance
[12] MU-MIMO MAC Protocols for Wireless Local
[13] Argos Practical Many-Antenna Base Stations
[14] NEMOx Scalable Network MIMO for Wireless Networks
[15] Device-to-Device Communication with WiFi Direct Overview and Experimentation